3 Ways to Seek Knowledge of God

The person who loves God values knowledge of God more than anything created by God, and pursues such knowledge ardently and ceaselessly.

– Saint Maximos The Confessor

This is a powerful statement.  Let me unpack it.  I read it in The Philokalia (Volume Two).

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I enjoy God’s creation when instead I should seek knowledge of God.  It’s not bad to enjoy God’s creation.  I do think God wants me to drink my French press coffee.  God encourages me to walk in nature with my family.  God loves when I gaze at the ocean.  I savor the time when my wife and I watch our favorite cable series.  

However, I think I will enjoy God’s creation even more if I first seek and value knowledge of God more than I seek and enjoy the created things of God.

How do I seek knowledge of God? 

I need to let God teach me.  Fortunately, there are a number of ways to let God teach me. 

I can read the Bible and let God’s Spirit speak to me.  As I read a passage what does it tell me?  Is there an action I need to take? 

Another way I can let God teach me is verbal prayer.  I can ask God one simple yet not so simple question.   “Who are You?”  I might sit and ask God this question.  I might ask God this question while I take a walk.  Then I wait.  I let God reveal the answer to me.

I can also ask God this same question and watch.  I can see what happens around me.  What does God want to show me?   What does God wish to teach me?

Lastly, I can let God teach me during my silent prayer practice.  My silent prayer practice is centering prayer

During silent prayer I open to God.  I consent to the action and presence of God within.  I let God act within me.  Silent prayer is wordless prayer.  I do not pray.  I let God pray in me.  I let God teach me. 

We can obtain knowledge of God if we let God teach us.  If we seek God, God will show us who He is.  I think it is vital to take time each day and let God teach us.  I shared three examples.  

I encourage you to seek daily practices when you can let God teach you who He is.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  As God reveals and shares a glimmer of who He is, you will begin to more and more marvel at and enjoy His creation that surrounds you. 


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