Can You Sit with Me?

Can you sit with me?

-Joshua Lewis (Age 8)

 Joshua is my son.  Every day Joshua asks me this question.  Can you sit with me?

Joshua loves to spend time with me.  He does not ask for much.  He enjoys when I sit in the same room with him.  He wants me to listen to him.  He likes when I watch him.  He needs to know that I love him. 

Sometimes Joshua looks at me and says, “I love you.”  Then he continues with his playing tasks.  I tell him, “I love you too.”carrera-1267028_1280

I get up.  Joshua immediately asks, “Where are you going?”  I tell him, “Do not worry.  I am getting a drink of diet soda.  I will be back.” 

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Silent prayer is like this.  My silent prayer practice is centering prayer.  Silent prayer is when God asks me, “Can you sit with Me?”

God loves to spend time with me.  God also does not ask for much.  God enjoys when I sit with Him.  God wants me to know that He loves me. 

God asks me to be silent.  God does not always want me to talk.  God will speak to me deep within my soul, beyond words, thoughts and emotions. 

God is present.  He is the breath of my life.  He is the breath within each breath that I take.

When I sit with God I let God speak deep within me.  I can only do this when I accept His invitation to sit with Him.  My outer actions are birthed in the silence of prayer.

Will you accept God’s invitation, “Can you sit with Me?”

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