Who Am I?

I am an introvert.  I enjoy time in solitude.  I need to take time to be by myself.  I love to write.  I get to create when I write.  I learn about myself when I write.

I like to watch college football.  I love to sit in Heinz Field and watch Pitt Panther football.  It is my special time with my eldest son.  I love to hear the roar of the crowd.  I love when the band runs on the field at the start of the game.autumn-1785613_1280

I love to travel.  I love the ocean.  I love cities.  I love to go out to breakfast.  I like to go to the gym with a friend. I like to cook dinner for the family.  I love to spend time with my children.

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However, sometimes I lack confidence.  Sometimes I am lonely.  Sometimes I am afraid to try new things.  Sometimes I am stressed at work.  Sometimes I wonder if I need to change my career.  I often procrastinate.  I write my need to do lists that never seem to get started.

These are things that I enjoy.  These are also things about myself that I wish to deny, repress and ignore.  Are they who I am?  Who am I?

I am a child of God.  I am unconditionally loved by God.  God wants to free me!  God wants to free me to be the person He intended me to be.  God wants me to take steps in faith.

Silent prayer teaches me who I am.  Silent prayer teaches me how to live each day.  Silent prayer shows me what it is I need to do each day.  Silent prayer reveals the actions I need to take.

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