How To Begin Centering Prayer

Make a decision to try centering prayer for one month.  At the end of the month reevaluate if this practice is for you.

Start Small

Start small.  Take baby steps.  Silence for many is difficult.  I needed to start with silence in one minute bursts, then gradually increase the time.

Schedule Your Sits

Schedule your sits.  Make your first sit the first thing you do before you start your day.  Schedule the second sit in the afternoon or in the evening. Place it on your calendar.  Put reminders in your cell phone that prompt you that it is time for your sit.

Learn More

Go to my Start Here page.

Here are my favorite centering prayer books with my reviews.

Find Centering Prayer Groups

Find a support group.  Google centering prayer groups in your area.  You might also want to check the Contemplative Outreach site for centering prayer groups in your area.

Use the Contemplative Outreach Centering Prayer App that can be found on iTunes.

Don’t become discouraged.  God is delighted that you want to sit with Him no matter how long your sit is.  If you miss a scheduled sit, God infinitely loves you and looks forward to your next sit.

P.S. Need help beginning your centering prayer practice. Contact me about my coaching. I might be able to help


Centering Prayer Course:  A Training Course for Opening to the Presence of God – Centering Prayer is a silent prayer practice that can move you toward a profound relationship with the Spirit of God within. It is a way of praying that opens the door to the Divine Indwelling—the ground of our being. With Centering Prayer, Father Thomas Keating and his colleagues Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler and Father Carl Arico present the first online course in this method for deepening your intimacy with God and ultimately consenting to the presence and action of the Divine in all aspects of your life.

Centering Prayer by Cynthia Bourgeault: Centering Prayer is a simple, no-frills form of meditation in the Christian tradition. Since it was first developed by Christian contemplative monks in the 1970s, it has allowed tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide to “return home,” developing an authentically Christian meditation practice which not only delivers the healing and quieting of the mind typical of all meditation paths, but also reconnects directly to Christianity’s hidden treasury of mystical and transformational wisdom.

Centering Prayer as a Way of Life  by Contemplative Outreach, Pamela Begeman, Mary Anne Best, Julie Saad: In this, the third offering of this year’s trilogy on Centering Prayer, we will explore how the practice of Centering Prayer evolves into a surrendered life of inner peace and equanimity despite the busy and often tumultuous circumstances of daily life in the 21st century. As the inner room begins to expand its walls beyond the twice-daily practice of Centering Prayer, the Spirit takes over our life more and more, and we begin to accept ourselves just as we are, God as God is, and all reality as it is. From this disposition of true humility, enlarged under the influence of God’s grace, we live in the Kingdom of God here and now, which is a state of consciousness ever-attentive to the presence of God in the midst of ordinary life.

Centering Prayer as Practice and Process by Contemplative Outreach, Pamela Begeman, Mary Anne Best, Julie Saad: If you are new to Centering Prayer or wishing to renew your practice, this retreat will assist you with deepening your relationship with God. We will focus on teaching and practicing the method of Centering Prayer; review its place in the Christian tradition, its conceptual background, and psychological process; and share insights into establishing Centering Prayer as a way of life.

Prayer-Bracelet: Authentic Orthodox prayer ropes and bracelets are handmade by monks in the Orthodox monastaries reciting a prayer for every knot they tie. Peruse their prayer ropes and bracelets that are all handmade, provided by several orthodox churches around the globe.

Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.

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