What Can A Silent Sit Do For You?

The discipline of centering prayer is self-emptying, self-sacrificing, letting go of the limited sense of self that is separate from God, from others, and from all life. [1]

– David Frenette

Each time I sit in silence, I self-empty.  I forget who I think I am.  I am no longer a father, a husband, a co-worker, an employee with clients, a son, a friend of others, a person who has tasks that need to get done today.

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I let go of who I think I am today or need to be.  I let go of what I need to do today. I let go of what I think I need to do today.  I let go of my anxieties, concerns and worries just for this short time while I silently sit.  None of this is important.

These anxieties, concerns, identities, tasks, and worries are barriers.  They often make me feel that I am separate from God, from others, from life.  They overwhelm me.  I feel alone. I freeze.

Once I have let them go, I can just be.  I can just be with God.  When my mind wanders during centering prayer, I use my sacred icon to ever so gently return to the state when I can just be with God.

God wants to sit with me.  God is delighted that I sit.  God loves me.  I love God.  We are two friends who quietly sit with each other.  No words need to be said.  It is sometimes nice to just be.  It is nice to just sit with life and with my God.

Eventually, I no longer need to use my sacred icon.  I find the space between my thoughts increases.  Of course, I know this only after my sit is over and the closing bell has rung.  What happens during this time?

When my sit is over, I arise a new person.  I am refreshed.  I am calm.  I am full of energy that will be used for the day’s tasks.  I am excited and full of life.  I am reconnected with God.  God and I are partners during my silent sit.  God and I continue to be partners during the non-silent parts of my day.

I no longer feel alone.  I am connected to God, my daily partner.  I feel connected to others.  I need this connection with others.  They need me and I need them.  I feel connected to life and all that life offers. I see things that before I did not notice.

Centering prayer is my daily portal to the Divine.  I leave my baggage at its door.  I walk through its door so I can reconnect with God, with others and with life.

How do you feel after each silent sit? Please feel free to share your experience.

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[1] David Frenette, The Path of Centering Prayer:  Deepening Your Experience of God, ( Sounds True ): 2012


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