Why Should You Practice Silent Prayer?

I sit with Jesus so I can learn how to walk with Jesus!

Silent Prayer

Twice per day I sit with Jesus.  I start my day with a silent sit.  It gets me ready for the day.  God and I partner and prepare to begin our day.

My second sit is usually in the mid-afternoon.  My reservoir needs to be refreshed and replenished.  Jesus never disappoints.

If at work, I head to my car and sit in the driver’s seat for this sit.  On weekends, I retreat to my basement for this second and important sit.

I love both sits!  I need both sits!  I sit with Jesus so I can learn how to walk with Jesus.

Read the Gospels.  They reveal glimpses of who this Jesus was.  I want to sit with Jesus so he and I can walk together in life.

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Spirit Filled

The Gospels reveal a Spirit filled Jesus.  He and the Creator were one.  Jesus was a man of prayer.  He often went off alone to pray.  He prayed alone many long nights.

Jesus taught that we are to go to our private room where we can be alone with God.  He teaches us that we are to use few words:  Silent Prayer.  God is not always impressed by our words.  It is not always necessary to speak many words to God.  I find this very comforting.

Wisdom Teacher

The Gospels reveal a teacher of wisdom.  Jesus spoke in parables and short sayings to make a point.  He pulled people in to get them to think for themselves.  Jesus wants to pull me in too.  Jesus wants me to also learn and think for myself.

I come to Jesus in faith and ask for the wisdom needed to perform my daily tasks:  those things that I need to get done just for this day.  I sit with Jesus so I can walk with Jesus and put this Inner Wisdom into action.


The Gospels reveal a compassionate and loving Jesus. The Gospels are filled with healing stories.  Jesus always attracted a crowd.

I love what N. T. Wright says.  “The healing that Jesus offered for sick bodies was to penetrate to the very depths of one’s being. Transformed lives, healed from the inside out, are to be the order of the day when God becomes king.” [1]


This is what Jesus does to me during silent prayer.  Jesus heals me to my innermost core.  Jesus transforms me.  He teaches me how to be compassionate.  He shows me how to love others.   He even reveals that I need to be compassionate and loving to myself.

I encourage you to sit with Jesus.  It will teach you how to walk with Jesus.

I would love to hear your story.  How do you sit with Jesus?

Learn more about Centering Prayer.  This is how I sit with Jesus.

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[1] N.T. Wright, Simply Jesus:  A New Vision Of Who He Was.  What He did.  And Why It Matters.  (HarperOne: 2011)


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