What Is The Purpose Of Centering Prayer?

“Like most beginners, I thought that the aim in Centering Prayer was to let go of thoughts so that God could “fill” me with his presence.  One day I suddenly realized that the God story was the sideshow and the letting go was the main event.  That was when the practice flipped for me, as I recognized that thoughts were not the obstacle; they were the raw material, as every opportunity to practice releasing that focal point for attention deepened the reservoir of “free attention” within me and strengthened the signal of the homing beacon of my heart.”

I read this wonderful quote in Cynthia Bourgeault’s newest book, The Heart of Centering Prayer:  Nondual Christianity in Theory and Practice.

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I too used to believe that I entered Centering Prayer to be filled with God.  I now know that this is no longer true. I do not need to be filled with God.  God never stopped being in me.

Cynthia reminds us, “Every heart is already a perfect holograph of the divine heart, carrying within itself full access to the information of the whole.  But it does need to be purified, as Jesus himself observed.”

Centering prayer is a place I come from.  Centering prayer teaches me who I am.  I am unconditionally loved by the Divine!  Centering prayer teaches me how to live.  I live connected to the Divine within.

Centering prayer is a wonderful practice that teaches me how to live from this place of “free attention” as Cynthia mentions.  Centering prayer is only a tool.  It is a practice I use to let go of my thoughts, emotions, and even physical sensations and open to God who resides in my heart.

God does not need to fill my heart.  God has always been in my heart.  Centering prayer is a daily practice that purifies me so I can learn to live from my heart.

I arise from my sits in a new operation mode.  I operate from my heart.  My heart sees differently.  It is open to life without judgmental filters.  This means I better enjoy all things because I do not immediately judge them as good or bad.  I let them be.  I see with wider lenses.  I can take in and enjoy the Whole field. That is exciting!  I do not want to miss out on what God’s world provides.

I learn to make wiser decisions.  I am more open to all solutions that are in front of me.  I am not as quick to rate them as poor or excellent.  I see them all and then make a better informed decision.  Sometimes the best decision is to remain open and wait.  Centering prayer teaches me that God is patient and I too must sometimes be patient.

God is compassionate and empathetic.  When I operate from my heart I too become more compassionate and empathetic.  I need to practice centering prayer twice per day.  To sit in silence is an act of love.  It teaches me to how to love God, love others and even love myself.  I need the balance of all three.  They make me whole!

I am very much work in progress!  That is why I return to my Centering Prayer practice each day.  It keeps me connected to the Heart that resides within my heart.  This inner journey will best prepare me for my outer journey.

How does your practice help prepare you for your outer journey?

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  1. The discovery you made is a form “being.” It’s a very real process of moving self from the throne and allowing God’s glory and radiance full access to the whole self. Beautifully said.

    1. Thanks Norma! I like the way you put it : “allowing God’s glory and radiance full access to the whole self”

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