How Do You Discern God’s Leadings and Clarity?

With all true leadings, we receive increasing clarity as we obey what God tells us.  Clarity comes more readily if we are willing to do what our leading tells us to do.

J. Brent Bill, Sacred Compass [1]

I am currently reading Sacred Compass by J.  Brent Bill.  This quote made me think about my centering prayer practice.  Centering prayer is one path that helps me receive God’s leadings and clarity.

During centering prayer, I let go of all thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.  I open to God who is beyond all thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

I let God pray in me.  I suppose God prays in me all the time.  However, during centering prayer I connect with God at a much deeper level.  I open to and rest in God.  I await God’s leadings and clarity!

While I open to and rest in God, God acts in me.  I arise from my silent sit relaxed, calm, excited and energized.  I am filled with an increased sense of clarity.

I like to begin each day with a twenty-minute silent sit.  My silent sit always seems to reveal God’s leadings and clarity.

When I arrive at work, it becomes clear to me the five tasks that I need to complete today and the five that will wait for another day.

When I am become puzzled and or frustrated with how to accomplish a task, an afternoon silent sit brings more clarity.  The path to the solution seems to come to me.  Sometimes it is even apparent that the task is no longer needed and I move on to the next project.

Centering prayer provides God’s leadings and clarity at home.  I seem to know when to stop what I do and just sit with or chase my nine-year old son.  He enjoys to goof around with dad.  Dad also enjoys to goof around with him and be a kid too!

I might knock on my sixteen-year old daughter’s door, and say “Let’s take a walk.”  We both like to walk.  We enjoy a thirty-minute stroll together.  I listen to my daughter share the things she has done earlier in the day.

Centering prayer brings clarity to my words on this very page.  Often, I will ask God, “What is it You want me to write this week?”  I then take my silent sit.  God seems to plant a word, image or thought in my mind.  Sometimes I come across a quote in a book that I read and God nudges me to reflect further upon it in my weekly meditation with you.

I will continue to sit with God.  My silent sits are wonderful opportunities to open to God’s leadings and clarity.

I encourage you also to find a practice that opens you to what J. Brent Bill refers to as the “sacred compass”.  “Counter to our lives of action, the sacred compass tells us to take time to wait for God’s guidance before moving ahead.”

Let me know what helps you better discern God’s leadings and clarity.  Send me a short note or post a comment.  I would love to hear from you!

[1] J. Brent Bill, Sacred Compass:  The Way of Spiritual Discernment, (Paraclete Press:  2oo8).

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