How I Use My Prayer Bracelet

A few months ago I purchased a prayer bracelet. You can see it pictured below.

I recite the Jesus Prayer frequently throughout the day. My version of this prayer is, “Jesus son of God have mercy on “blank”.

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I will fill the blank in with me, my wife, my child’s name, a friend, a parent, a sibling, a co worker or even the situation. Sometimes I do not  know what to say and I simply want to hand this person or situation over to God. God does not need me to recite a dissertation. God simply wishes that I lift up this person or situation in love.

I enjoy the action of both prayer and movement. I do not need to remove the bracelet. I wear it on my left wrist and make my way from knot to knot with my right hand’s thumb and index finger as I speak the Jesus Prayer.

Of course God is always with me but it is nice to look at my left wrist or even touch it with my right hand as a gentle reminder that God is always present and loves me. I can do this at any point during the day and reconnect to the presence of God and His love for me.

Sometimes I even shorten the prayer to simply, “Jesus”. No more words need to be said. If I feel anxious I recite, “Jesus“. When I am worried I speak “Jesus”. As anger stirs from within I whisper “Jesus”. If I cannot resolve an issue at home or work I recite”Jesus”.

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Prayer-Bracelet: Authentic Orthodox prayer ropes and bracelets are handmade by monks in the Orthodox monastaries reciting a prayer for every knot they tie. Peruse their prayer ropes and bracelets that are all handmade, provided by several orthodox churches around the globe.

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4 thoughts on “How I Use My Prayer Bracelet”

    1. Hi Dan
      Thanks for the message! I am glad you found this helpful. I use my prayer bracelet multiple times each day.

  1. You validate me b/c I say “Jesus, Son of God, please have mercy on [ ]” so so so so many times throughout the day. The prayer bracelet is beautiful, I want to buy one! Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your message. Go ahead and get one. They are not very expensive and are very nice. I wear mine everyday.

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