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Enjoy my interview with Lacy Clark Ellman on the Pilgrim Podcast.

Lacy Clark Ellman holds a Masters degree in Theology and Culture and a certificate in Spiritual Direction, and was selected as a New Contemplative by Spiritual Directors International in 2015.

Professionally, she is a spiritual director, maker, and facilitator who speaks the language of pilgrimage and is always ready for the next adventure, having traveled to over twenty countries on four continents.

Personally, she is a lover of food, books, spirituality, growing and making things, far-off places and lovely spaces. While traveling, you’ll find her wandering museums and markets, exploring cities by foot, and sampling local fare. At home in Seattle, WA, she loves to garden, take walks in the nearby forest, and go on armchair journeys through her favorite shows from across the pond.

Learn more about Lacy at A Sacred Journey.



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