Be Still And Know That I Am God

Be still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10

I have spoken this verse to myself for years. I want to talk about what this means to me now and how it’s meaning continues to evolve.

When I first began to recite this verse to myself, I really did not know what it said to me. I thought to myself, of course You are God. So what. What does this mean? What do You want to tell me?

Then it became just sit and rest in God’s presence. It stayed this way for a few years. I just did not know what to do with this. I knew there was more, but just did not know what this more was. So, I just waited.

After a few years, this verse changed to know that I am a divine being. God is within me. God is not just out there but is within me. God was always there. I just did not know this. So now what. What do I do with this meaning?

Most recently, this verse has now evolved to mean just know. Know what? It now means know that God is always with me. God nudges me to move and take action. Do not be afraid to do new things. Do not be afraid to volunteer to do something out of my comfort zone. Do not be afraid to help others. Do not be afraid to stand out and make a difference.

Know means God will walk side by side with me as I try something new for the first time. Know means I can do it. Why? I am a divine being and God is within me, and will partner with me to push the limits wherever they might be – personal life, family life, church life, career life.

I look forward to how this simple verse will continue to evolve. I will continue to speak it to my self. Listen to God. And then go where God takes me.

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