Roaming Thoughts Are Normal

Roaming thoughts are normal during Centering Prayer. 

Don’t let them  discourage you from your practice. 

Roaming thoughts are another opportunity for you to practice returning to the Present. 

Even if you must return over and over and over. 

Over time you might notice that you have less roaming thoughts during Centering Prayer. 

You seem to enter the spaces between thoughts. 

The practice of returning to the Present during Centering Prayer can be used during your non-silent times too. 

Centering Prayer is great practice for living in the present where we focus on  daily tasks or simply enjoy life! 

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Silence and the Spiritual Journey by Contemplative Outreach: The purpose of our historical lifetime is to provide us with space for the upward journey of evolution into vertical time and our assimilation of the eternal values that Christ brought into the world. This journey consists of everything from great touches of God (consolations) to the Dark Nights.

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