Don’t Become Like Everyone Else!


We are all born unique, then spend the next forty years diluting ourselves to become just like everyone else.

– Steve Sims

Does this describe you?

It doesn’t have to be you!

We are born to share our unique, true self with the world.

We are all beautiful and powerful human beings!

What is our true self?

It is a burning inner passion to do and accomplish things important to us but instead we allow fear, discomfort or some other excuse to get in the way.

Do you get up and do the same thing day after day after day?

Are you bored at work and do it for the paycheck and benefits only?

Do you feel that you must become what society or your workplace tells you?

Are you a conformer?

You don’t have to live this way.

Do you really believe this?

What are you good at?

What would you like to learn?

How can you help others?

What excites you?

It keeps you up at night!

You have a constant hunger to do it and continuously learn more.


What are you waiting for!

Start today.

Become your unique self.

Take small steps each day.

Small steps.

Day after day.

Lead to massive transformation in the long term.

When you live out your true self you actually better serve the world.

Now that is exciting!

The world gets a piece of you that it never would have gotten.

You make the world a better place.

Show the world your true self.


Make certain to help someone else live from their true self too.

(Centering Prayer is one practice that helps me connect to and live from my true self.

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