Do You Want To Become Your True Self?

Do you want to become your TRUE SELF?

Who is this person? 

What might it look like when YOU operate from your true self? 

– This person will have a deep and intimate relationship with God. 

– This person will feel connected to God and walk with God on a daily basis. 

– This person is grounded in God. 

– This person will have an excitement for life that he/she did not have before.

– This person will have an inner confidence he/she did not have before.

– This person will listen to inner nudges and take action on these nudges even if it makes him/her nervous.

– This person will know these inner nudges are correct actions because there is an inner peace about them and the action(s) will not harm him/her or others.  

– This person will eliminate or neutralize the inner voices that say: I am not worthy, I cannot do this, No one will care, Who will listen to me anyhow, People will think I am crazy, I am not confident, I am too scared to try this.

– This person will take daily action on his/her dreams and goals.

– This person will experience inner joy!

– This person will experience inner peace and calm!

– This person will feel that his/her life is in balance: career, work, family, personal, community.

Centering Prayer is a form of silent prayer. 

It is a wonderful daily practice that can connect you to your TRUE SELF, the person God intends you to be.

Go Further:

Open Mind, Open Heart 20th Anniversary Edition  by Thomas Keating and Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening were the first two books I read as I began my Centering Prayer practice.

An Ocean of Light: Contemplation, Transformation, and Liberation by Martin Laird

Mindful Silence: The Heart of Christian Contemplation by Phileena Heuertz

Living In God:  Contemplative Prayer and Contemplative Action by Nicholas Amato


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Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks – This is a great way to listen to books with your cell phone while you drive, walk or relax at home.  I frequently listen in my car during my commute to and from work.  I’m a proud affiliate.

A Journey of Discernment with the teachings of Mary Margaret Funk and other contemplative voices by Contemplative Outreach, Mary Margaret Funk: This e-course explores the contemplative approach to discerning the small and large decisions in life, which comes from cultivating a life practice of unceasing prayer (whatever types of prayer that may encompass for you). Discernment means sorting our thoughts and following the impulse of grace given by the Holy Spirit. As Sr. Meg writes, “Since we are not our thoughts, we can observe them rising and follow the ones that are from God.” This is a way of coming more awake and discovering the spark of divinity burning in our hearts.

Poetry and Prayer from the Celtic Tradition by Carl McColman: The traditional Celtic people of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales wove prayers, blessings, poems, and songs into every aspect of their daily lives — using the power of language to blend a rich spirituality of presence and wisdom into the very fabric of their being. Many of these poetic invocations and charming poems were collected by folklorist Alexander Carmichael over 100 years ago and preserved in the book Carmina Gadelica — the “Charms of the Gaels.”

Celtic Spirituality At the Edge of Mystery by Carl McColman: Consider it a pilgrimage into one of the best examples of everyday spirituality. Celtic wisdom and poetry ​encourages us to recognize the holy all around us, honors and protects the sacred earth, gives inspiration to free our creative voice, and presents a holistic path that links the quest for holiness with ​an ​embodied​​ sense of Divine love.

Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.


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