The Impact of Silent Prayer

I asked a group of people what they observed about individuals who have a silent prayer practice such as Centering Prayer. 

Here are the answers I heard:

They feel loved by God. 

They are healed by the quietness of God.

God is not above but is within them. 

It is nice to just be sometimes. (And stop checking our electronic gadgets.)

Silence nurtures transformation. 

Silence can be difficult but is often necessary for our healing. 

Silence shows us what is going on at the core of us. 

Silence helps us self love.

We need a balance of prayer and action. 

Silence helps us hear the one voice. We are loved by God. 

Silent prayer fills you with God’s love and you naturally want to share this love by serving others.

Go Further:

Open Mind, Open Heart 20th Anniversary Edition  by Thomas Keating and Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening were the first two books I read as I began my Centering Prayer practice.

Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation by Martin Laird

Be Still and Listen: Experience the Presence of God in Your Life by Amos Smith

Flee, Be Silent, Pray: Ancient Prayers for Anxious Christians  by Ed Cyzewski




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Contemplative Light offers courses on contemplative practices (Christian Meditation, Centering Prayer, The Examen, Lectio Divina, The Jesus Prayer), the Christian mystics (ancient and current) and spiritual writing. Peruse their wonderful offerings.

Silence and the Spiritual Journey by Contemplative Outreach: The purpose of our historical lifetime is to provide us with space for the upward journey of evolution into vertical time and our assimilation of the eternal values that Christ brought into the world. This journey consists of everything from great touches of God (consolations) to the Dark Nights.

Lectio Divina Heart to Heart – Listening and Living with God by Contemplative Outreach: The ancient practice of praying the Scriptures is being rediscovered and renewed in our time. Known as Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), it is one of the great treasures of the Christian tradition of prayer.

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