Do Not Underestimate the Power of a Second Sit!


“I have a difficult time making the time for a second sit.”

This is one of the biggest struggles I hear from people when it comes to their silent prayer practice.

I suggest that your first sit be the first thing you do before you begin your day.

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier if you must.

This sit prepares you for the day.

You and God partner to begin your day.

Eventually your reservoir runs dry.

You begin to run on fumes.

When is the best time for a second sit?

Let me offer a few suggestions.

I like to sit right before lunch.

During the work day I make my way to my car and sit in the driver’s seat.

If it is a bit chilly, I run the engine for a few minutes, turn off the engine, then begin my sit.

If you are not able to sit before lunch then I suggest a late afternoon sit or even one right before you drive home from work.

I also suggest a sit in the evening after dinner. (Just don’t do it too late if you worry you will fall asleep.)

I especially like an afternoon sit for my second sit.

This sit seems to refresh and restart me.

It reconnects me to God.

It fuels me for the remainder of the day.

(Learn to trust the ebbs and flows of your life to determine when you should take your second sit. )

Do not underestimate the power of a second sit!


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