Are You Meeting the Need of the Present Moment

To be fully present is to be here. Not in the past. And not in the future. It means we enjoy this moment. It will never happen again.

We watch the sun rise or set. We look at the beautiful assortment of autumn leaf colors before they gently drop to the ground.

Winter approaches and we watch the snow flakes gently fall to the ground and coat the trees.

We enjoy our children or grandchildren spontaneously play, giggle, hop and jump around.

We sit at the dinner table family. We listen, talk, laugh, goof around. We enjoy what each member brings to make us feel like one whole family.

We sip our coffee or tea at the local Starbucks and watch the customers come in and out. Some are hurried. Others sit. Read. Talk. Take a break from their hectic lives.

It also means we listen to a stranger. Feed someone who is hungry. Give a coat to someone who is cold. We meet the need of the present moment!

Are you fully present? Are you meeting the need of the present moment?


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