You Can’t Go Wrong In This Life If You Trust God.

“You can’t go wrong in this life if you trust God. It doesn’t matter what you have done. God is eager to give you everything He can give you.”

Thomas Keating

Do you believe this?

That is why I think it is so important to sit in the silence of Centering Prayer or some type of contemplative practice.

Silence teaches us who we are.

Silence slows us down and opens us to God.

We connect to God who has always been within patiently waiting.

Silence helps us become our true self: the person God wishes us to be.

This is not the person our families, friends, workplaces and communities tell us we should be.

Silence frees us.

It allows God to give us everything He is eager to give us.

We open to life and all it can bring us.

We are fully present.

We enjoy and see life NOW.

We let our actions be motivated by the spirit of God within.

We recognize a need in front of us and we act on it.

Each day we let our reality be driven by what God wants us to be and experience.

Will you trust God?

Will you let God give you everything He is eager to give you?


P.S. Need help finding a contemplative practice? Contact me. I can help you.


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