What Are Your Centering Prayer Bookends?


What are your Centering Prayer bookends?

Let me explain.

First, I will say the most important thing is to do the practice.

When you do it, it has a way of doing you:)

Now back to the bookends.

I like to give my practice some structure.

Before I begin my sit I like to read my affirmations.

These are statements about my family, personal and career life that are important to me.

Many of them are dreams and goals.

I like to read them to God.

Of course I let them go as I begin my sit.

And open to the presence and actions of God within.

(After my sits I  determine if I need to change them or nix one or two.)

What is my second bookend?

Before I get on with my day, I like to read for five or ten minutes from a book I enjoy.

Then I get up and move into my day if the morning sit or continue my day if my second sit.

There you have it.

My Centering Prayer bookends: Affirmations and reading.

Of course the most important thing is the sit itself.

The Monk Manual might be a valuable and helpful bookend for you to consider as part of your practice.

Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.


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