Powerful Quotes from Thomas Keating’s Manifesting God

I recently re-read Manifesting God by Thomas Keating.

I first read it about 2 years ago. 

Thomas Keating has a “matter of fact” way of saying things.

He was able to communicate so well and clearly as a result of his long term Centering Prayer practice.

Here are a few quotes that jumped off the pages as I made my way through it.

I will comment under each one.

They are ever more important in the COVID-19 world we find ourselves living in.

“God just is—without any limitation. And the way to connect with this “Is-ness” is to just be, too.”

That is why I practice Centering Prayer. I want to be with Being. As you hunker in take the time to be with Being.

“This is one of the precious gifts that the discipline of Contemplative Prayer communicates. It transmits Christ’s experience of God as Abba.”

God loves us as a mother and a father. We should feel free to approach God as a loving and nurturing father and mother. 

“To live in the presence of God on a continuous basis can become a kind of fourth dimension to our three-dimensional world, forming an invisible but real background to everything that we do or that happens in our lives.”

Silence teaches me who I am. Silence shows me the actions I should take. Silence teaches me what actions not to take because someone else is best suited for the task. Silence shows me the way forward. I need both silence and action. They make me whole. I hope you feel the same way too!

“Entering “your inner room” and “praying to your Father in secret” are obviously aimed at deepening our relationship with God.”

I sit with God because I love God. I desire to go deeper and deeper into my relationship with God. And see what happens. God’s depths are bottomless like a vast ocean. 

“The heart of the Christian spiritual journey is God’s determined will to transmit to us the maximum of divine light, life, love and happiness that we can possibly receive.”

It is there for us to receive. God loves us more than we will ever comprehend. Let go and open to God’s unconditional love. Trust God!

“Divine love, however, is a fire so intense that no one can be fully exposed to it in this life without turning into a grease spot.”

God’s love is strong and powerful!

Much love to you all.

Do you have a favorite Thomas Keating quote? Contact me and share it  with me.


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