Centering Prayer Tips

You cannot fail at Centering Prayer. If you SHOW UP you are doing it right.

Do not judge your sits. Just as you do during Centering Prayer, LET GO of these thoughts when you have them.

“I don’t have time for Centering Prayer” is NOT true. Centering Prayer has a way of giving you back time.

You SIT with God so you can WALK with God in everyday life.

Let the ebbs and flows of life determine when to take your sits. SHIFT when needed.

Centering Prayer is not escape from the world. It prepares you to ENGAGE and take ACTION in the world.

Centering Prayer teaches us to LET GO of what we cannot control and take ACTION on what we can control and the actions we should take.

Centering Prayer is like a REVERSE PRAYER. God prays in us the actions we are to take and the things we need to do. Other times God fills us with peace, wisdom, joy or whatever it is we need for that moment. Trust God.

Centering Prayer helps us cultivate the ability to observe our thoughts. We are not our thoughts! We can choose to LET GO of the ones that do not serve us and hang on to the ones that will.

Centering Prayer connects us to our TRUE SELF: the person God wants us to be. The exciting part is that this is a life long journey.

Much love to you all!


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“The Monk Manual was born out of a personal need. You see, I’m not naturally very good at living in the present moment or trusting the process of life. I needed a tool to help me, a system that could make living with peaceful being and purposeful doing just a little bit easier.”


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