Centering Prayer and Action Plans


I have always been a big fan of Napoleon Hill.

If you have not read him, I urge you to try.

Hill mentions, “Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.”

Here is where Centering Prayer comes in for me.

I like to take all my plans of action into my  Centering Prayer sits.

I let them go to God.

I let my mind merge with the Larger Mind.

A few things come out of my sits.

The action plans remain the same.

The action plans are modified.

The action plans are stopped because now is not the time or the action is just not right.

God and I partner during my Centering Prayer sits.

God and I partner during my everyday life.

My actions toward a definite end are a result of my partnership with God.

They are God directed.

My silent sits teach me who I am.

These sits direct my actions and sometimes non actions.

They help me become the person God wants me to be.

They can help you become the person God wants you to be.


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