Centering Prayer and Affirmations

How do I use affirmations?

What are they?

They are sentences stating things I want to do and accomplish.

They are in all parts of my life:







They are NOT:

“I should do this.”

“Some day I will….”

They are MUSTS.

I have a burning desire to do them.

I will not give up until they are accomplished.

Here are a few I have:

“I spend one on one time with each of my kids.”

“I have energy everyday to perform all my tasks because I get the sleep I need each night.”

“I help one person at a time as powerfully as I can.”

I like to read my affirmations before I go to bed and let them work while I sleep.

I also like to read them before my Centering Prayer sit.

I give them to God.

And do my sit.

God is my partner.

I would not have it any other way.

What is my barometer that makes an affirmation stick?

It excites me.

I have inner peace about it.

It will not harm me or others.

It is sometimes outside of my comfort zone. (That is how I grow!)

Sometimes I remove affirmations.

Other times I tweak them and make them more powerful.

I do want to emphasize an important point.

Affirmations are no good without this:


You must take action.

You must discern what actions to take each day.

Often the same daily action will lead to powerful change and transformation.

I encourage you to set affirmations.

Take daily action.

And let them rest while you sleep or take your silent sit.

Silence and Action are a powerful pair.

Use them both wisely.


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2 thoughts on “Centering Prayer and Affirmations”

  1. Nice post! Affirmations do work and are very helpful. This post was a nice reminder for me to look at and tweak my affirmations and start using them again.

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