Let Go Does Not Mean We Take No Action

The posture during Centering Prayer is LET GO.

When we engage our thoughts we use our SACRED WORD to let them go.

And open to the presence and actions of God within.

I understand some people use their breath, an interior image or a glance as their sacred word.

Find what works for you to bring you back to the PRESENT.

Remember the sacred word is not a mantra.

We simply use it when needed. Then let it go too.

And if we do not need it, we do not use it.

The neat thing about Centering Prayer is that it allows Grace to flow through us and out into the world.

We open to Infinite possibilities.

We tap into Infinite Wisdom.

We can try life on our own or we can partner with God.

We sit with God so we can walk with God in life.

We become a daily vessel of God.

Our silent sits spawn our actions.

Our silent sits show us what we need to do that very day.

Sometimes the action is to wait, be patient or take no action.

And that is okay too.

To let go does not mean no action.

It means we take action on things we discern that God wishes us to do.


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