Under Construction by Jeff Grills


Today, as I was walking through the city,

I imagined that I looked up

And saw my ego, my separate self,

As a skyscraper in progress.


A grid of rigid girders protecting its structure,

Exposed pipes and tangled wires

Going nowhere,

All topped by a crazily swinging crane.


I laughed because the original plans

Are filed away in a cabinet somewhere,

But the intended function of this building

Is clear–to stand above the world,


To divide everything

Into what will reinforce its structure

And what will endanger it.


I saw that the building has no completion date

It will never be finished

It demands to keep building itself.


And yet, I could sense, in a still and quiet space,

Below all the noise and activity,

Something beyond blueprints and diagrams,

Not built, but planted.


Something hard to notice,

With all the clanging construction above,

But always waiting in the silence.


It does not exist to superimpose

But to receive and to grow.

I turn to the silence every day

And it grows more alive in me.


And when it is fully grown,

What will become of the skyscraper?




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