Centering Prayer: A Unique and Personal Journey

Centering prayer is a unique, personal journey. 

We each start where we are and enter the mystery of God. 

When we center we let go of all preconceived notions. 

We let God be God.

We best understand God when we try not to understand God. 

We maintain a posture of openness. 

We let go and admit that we don’t know. 

We simply trust. 

We leave our “small mind” and enter the “larger mind”.

We die to our self. 

We die to what the world tells us we need.

Cynthia Bourgeault writes, “Dying to self means being willing to let go of what I want (or think I want) in order to create space for God to direct, lead, and guide me into a truer way of being.”

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In the Celtic imagination, the spiritual journey is one which brings us inward to explore the hidden depths of our souls. This journey can be treacherous as we face those demons which are only reflections of ourselves. It can be joyous and liberating as we free ourselves from their grasp. It can be exhilarating as we uncover new aspects of ourselves we never knew existed. It can be exhausting as we start to realize how far off base we’ve been for so long. It can be many things and like most things – it is better with a friend.

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