Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer


Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer published by Anamchara Books is now available!

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“Lewis presents an intimate view of his centering prayer journey. He helps us discover the contemplative life and who we are in the deepest sense, made in God’s image.”

– Fr. Carl J. Arico, Founding member of Contemplative Outreach, author of A Taste Of Silence: Centering Prayer and the Contemplative Journey


“This work offers a friendly and accessible approach to centering prayer that will be of great benefit to those new to the practice. Rich has a lovely way of inviting the reader in through honest reflections on his own experience, both struggles and graces. These stories offer comfort and gentle encouragement on the way.”

– Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, REACE, Abbey of the Arts: Transformative Living through Contemplative and Expressive Arts, author of The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within.


“We are a people in search of meaning. But it is a rare person who plumbs the depths of life to find it. Rich is one such soul. Herein lies a courageous invitation to find God and in so doing, find yourself. I wish more people would turn to contemplative practice as Rich has done. It’s people like him who light our way.”

-Phileena Heuertz, author of Mindful Silence: The Heart of Christian Contemplation.


“Rich Lewis has given us a book that leads us into the heart and healing of centering prayer. Rich speaks care-fully and humbly about his spiritual journey and what he has discovered. He offers readers a gracious introduction and invitation to partake in this soulful practice that will deepen their faith lives.”

– J. Brent Bill, author of Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love: Four Essentials for the Abundant Life and Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality


“This book is a beautiful account of one man’s path into the richness of God-centered meditative prayer. This also makes it a most accessible and thoughtful invitation to others to take that same journey. Sprinkled with insightful quotes from other writers, Lewis, in an unusually thoughtful and loving way, makes an attractive, practical case for accessing the presence of God not only in prayer but in all facets of life. Highly recommended.”

– Paul Smith, author of Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? Jesus and the Three Faces of God


“This is a wonderful book!  Informative and encouraging, practical and profound.  Rich Lewis’s writing is earnest, clear, direct, humble and winsome–more like a letter from a helpful and knowledgeable friend than a dry textbook.  Whether you are new to contemplative spirituality or have been at it for a while and seek to deepen your practice, this book will inspire you.”

– Daniel P. Coleman, author of Presence and Process: A Path Toward Transformative Faith and Inclusive Community


“This is a book for those of us who seek a deeper, more spiritual relationship with the divine, free from the tyranny of words. Widely and deeply read, Rich Lewis’ simple text is enriched with a plethora of wonderful quotes from some of the most inspirational thinkers of our time, so that every page is a revelation.  In his quiet, unassuming way, Lewis shares his own experiences and shows us how we too, can journey to the silent heart of God.”

– Rebecca de Saintonge, author of One Yellow Door, a memoir of love and loss, faith and infidelity.


“This book is for the both the beginner and those who want to go deeper in both knowing and experiencing Jesus. Lewis will show you the way.”

– Nicholas Amato: Catholic priest, contemplative retreat director, spiritual guide, presenter, author of Living In God: Contemplative Prayer and Contemplative Action and Moving from Stress to Joy


“This book is a testimony to the transforming power of God’s love working through the regular practice of Centering Prayer. In this book, Rich Lewis shares generously of his own journey to Centering Prayer and the difference it makes in his life. His love of God and the spiritual life is contagious, and is sure to encourage the reader to set aside time each day to let God be God for him or her through the practice of Centering Prayer.”

– Dr. Philip St. Romain, author of Reflecting on the Serenity Prayer.


“I first met Rich Lewis when he was a senior at the University of Pittsburgh.  It has been a joy reading how centering prayer has helped Rich transform his relationship with God, with others and with himself.  I encourage you to read Rich’s book and begin to experience the transforming power of centering prayer in your own life!”

– Rev. Dr. Deborah Winters, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern  University


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2 thoughts on “Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer”

  1. Why do we need to hear more about silence? Because the Western world’s state of mind is frantic. Day after day, even on weekends, we compete to accomplish, achieve, and attain. Our self-critic incessantly reminds us of our to-do lists, what we did poorly, how we might do more, why we eat or drink too much, and why we fall short. Our Western, knee-jerk approach to living is not a peaceful existence. Our approach to spiritual growth is much the same, doing more and more as we build personal Towers of Babel.
    Sitting With God offers a simple, inexpensive, non-pharmaceutical solution to our overactive inner voices. Rich Lewis’ book has returned me to centering prayer and reminded me that spiritual growth is more about subtraction than addition. As with contemplative practice, Sitting With God kindly, gently, and lovingly, moves one to a rejuvenating place of solace. When asked about how he could commit to daily silent prayer, a poor farmer said, “I am with God. God is with me.” Thanks, Rich Lewis, for eloquently sharing the richness of being still and merely Sitting With God.

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