Excerpt from the Foreword of Sitting with God: Fr. Carl Arico

Enjoy an excerpt from the Foreword of Sitting with God by Fr. Carl Arico, founding member of the Contemplative Outreach.

In our Christian tradition, levels of relationship intimacy manifest in types of prayer—vocal prayer, meditation, affective prayer, and contemplation (simply put, to read, to reflect, to respond and to rest). The challenge is that we have been taught how to read, reflect, and respond in a compulsory way, but we have not been taught how to truly rest in life or in prayer (Matthew 11:28).

Rich introduces centering prayer as a prayer of resting in God’s presence and consenting to God’s action—the desire to be in union with God. The image I like is allowing Jesus to wash our feet (John 13:1–17). Before beginning Rich’s book, I invite you to read the Gospel of John as he shares the events of the Last Supper. It is a celebration of union and unity, especially as they break bread together—they become companions on the journey (John 13:1–14:7).


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Enjoy my interview on the Sackcloth & Coffee Podcast: Author of ‘Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer’, Rich Lewis joins me, Rev Sophie this week on Sackcloth & Coffee to talk about his book, his journey to finding himself, his family, and how a chance conversation with Amos Smith lead him to writing this book. Life is busy, and can pull us in many directions, Rich encourages us to use centering prayer to “counter the trend toward diffuse attention, multitasking and discontent”.

In the Celtic imagination, the spiritual journey is one which brings us inward to explore the hidden depths of our souls. This journey can be treacherous as we face those demons which are only reflections of ourselves. It can be joyous and liberating as we free ourselves from their grasp. It can be exhilarating as we uncover new aspects of ourselves we never knew existed. It can be exhausting as we start to realize how far off base we’ve been for so long. It can be many things and like most things – it is better with a friend.

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