Excerpt from the Foreword of Sitting with God: Amos Smith

Rich and I have worked together on Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots (RCMR5.org) since 2014. In our work there has been synergy beyond what could have materialized individually.

RCMR5 has expanded into a social network. Most of this is Rich’s doing. He is a natural at reaching out and finding ways to mutually enrich contemplative ministries. Rich has also branched out with SilenceTeaches.com, an engaging website that draws contributors and followers from all over the contemplative Christian map.

Rich and I are brothers on the walk, each with our particular angle and gifts. We have much in common, including love for family, a rooted faith, and a dedication to contemplative Christianity. I realized early on that Rich’s passion was centering prayer. And I noticed that as his practice deepened, so did his presence. Rich will tell you that as a result of his centering prayer he is more solid and joyful and that this has shown up in his job and family life. These are not mere words. They are reflected in the lines in his face and the light behind his eyes.

What I admire about Rich’s writing is its simplicity and absence of pretense. Whereas I can go off on philosophical tangents, Rich keeps his two feet on the ground. Rich’s grounded and sincere delivery makes him readily accessible. He builds the scaffolding from point A to point B. His sentences are short and to the point. He is nothing if not honest, especially about his passion for centering prayer. And his passion is rooted in his experience of God’s Real Presence through prayer.

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