Centering Prayer: Beginner’s Mind

Silence is not often thought of as a teacher.

Most often our society refers to silence as “dead time.”

What, if anything, can be special about silence?

This is where a transformation has taken place in my life.

I have come to see how precious silence is, how silence is God’s first language.

As Thomas Keating and a number other mystics before and since have stated, “Silence is God’s first language and everything else is a poor translation.”

Words do not always need to be said.

In contemplative prayer we float in the ocean of God.

You can’t sink because God will hold you.

Thomas Keating wrote, “Contemplative prayer is the world in which God can do anything.”

Our job is to enter and see what happens.

We maintain a “beginner’s mind”—an openness that allows all our expectations to drop away.


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  • God: It ain’t a boy’s name
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  • Dying to self
  • Prayer: It’s not about words
  • Moving from Doing to Being

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