David Youngren: Awakening To I Am Love

Everywhere we look, the us vs. them and the good vs evil narratives seem to dominate our political, civil, and religious discourse.

Yet many of us have this sense that in the midst of our divergence there’s a compelling new story emerging about where we are heading and what connects us all.

One book that blends spiritual texts, and modern science with practical wisdom to cast a compelling vision of our future in a way that heals us individually and collectively is Awakening To I Am Love by David Youngren.

Part inspirational, part memoir, part deep reflection on our evolving spirituality, David challenges us to move past our own insecurities, anxieties, and the fear of “others”, and look at faith, spirituality, God, and humanity through the lens of unconditional love and universal oneness.

Youngren’s bold and unorthodox teachings stem from a profound inner experience with a unifying divine love in 2006 – an awakening that in his words, “ended my addiction to an evangelical worldview, and opened my heart to a spirituality without borders.”

Awakening To I Am Love is an invitation for all of us to move beyond restricting beliefs and worldviews, and see an ancient faith through contemporary eyes. It’s a stirring manifesto to guide us in letting go of fear and insecurity and help us awaken to the wonder of who we are.

You can order the book at most major online retailers. I also recommend that you take advantage of the FREE bonus offer –Awake Within (Guided Meditations) — that goes along with the book.

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David Youngren is a philanthropist, author, and an international teacher (has spoken to more than one million people at live events), who inspires and guides spiritual seekers from every background to awaken to their true self.

Youngren – formerly a Canadian evangelical pastor, Bible College President, and a crusade and TV evangelist  – had a profound inner experience of unconditional love in 2006 that transformed his life and left him questioning his religious beliefs.  Disillusioned by religious tribalism, David began to find beauty and truth in all traditions and religions, even if they were not his own.

David spearheads several international initiatives, including Way of Love and Juma’s World.  He lives with his family in southern California.

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