Do Not Skip Your Sit

Never underestimate the power of an afternoon prayer sit.

Don’t skip it.

Even if you do not feel like it, do it anyway.

A second sit refills your reservoir.

It helps you finish your day.

I work in an office.

In the early afternoon I stop what I do and walk to my car.

It is usually anywhere between two and four p.m.

It does not matter how busy I am.

I need this time.

My aisle mates know where I go (I have shared my practice with them).

I sit in the driver’s seat of my car.

Dependent upon the weather, I crack the window.

Here I take my second sit.

I am always amazed by how productive the rest of my day is after this second sit.

It refreshes me.

I need it!

Often my reservoir is empty or runs on reserves.

It needs to be refilled.

I am amazed at how much better I feel after this sit.

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4 thoughts on “Do Not Skip Your Sit”

  1. Hi Rich,
    I recently finished reading your book, and want you to know how helpful I found it. I’ve been practicing centering prayer for about a year, with deep appreciation for its benefits. But that second session has been a real challenge! I never felt in the “right” frame of mind in the afternoon, and when I did manage an afternoon sit it had a less satisfying quality than the early morning sit. Reading your book, I was inspired to try again and now am about four weeks into a regular afternoon practice. It’s still challenging! But now I imagine there is something to be learned from the challenge itself. It must be related to the importance of remembering God — or the Divine Indwelling — throughout the day, regardless of what else is going on. No small feat, but so important.

    The second sit, plus regular brief pauses for recollection, are my new commitments. I thank you for the inspiration to see further insight in this way. And in general, your honest description of how centering prayer meets your actual life in the world is very relatable and helpful! Thank you for writing the book.

    1. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your second sit recent experience! Just keep showing up! If you do it it will do you:) If you get a moment, please write a couple sentence review on Amazon. Thank you so much for your support!

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