Centering Prayer: The Transforming Work of God

Centering prayer teaches us to let go.

We even let go of repressed and painful thoughts and emotions.

Centering prayer lets God heal our body, mind, and soul.

Centering prayer lets God work in us.

God can fill us with whatever She feels we need.

We might be filled with love, peace, or mental and physical healing.

We might be filled with sudden needed knowledge to accomplish our daily tasks or with an urge to serve.

We might be moved to make a major shift in our personal and work life or nudged to try something new.

We might be asked to make a call to repair an estranged relationship or sit and listen to someone in pain who needs a hug and an attentive ear.

When we incorporate silence into our day, the day is transformed. Silence is a time when we let go and let God work in us.

Why is it so important to “let go”?

Thomas Merton wrote, “Only when we are able to ‘let go’ of everything within us, all desire to see, to know, to taste, and to experience the presence of God, do we truly become able to experience that presence with the overwhelming conviction and reality that revolutionizes our entire inner life.”

This is what we do each time we “let go” during centering prayer.

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