Centering Prayer and the Jesus Paradox

Jesus is “at once both human and God.”

It is a beautiful paradox.

And we too are both human and divine.

We are not God.

However, we possess an inner divinity at our core (Genesis 1:27).

Let’s call it our little “d.”

We are most human when we let go and act from our inner divinity.

Centering prayer connects the dots within us and creates a unified picture.

During centering prayer we let go of our humanity.

We enter into rest in God.

We connect our inner divinity, the little “d” with the Big “D.”

Our divinity and God’s Divinity become one.

We enter Divine Union.

During the non-centering parts of the day, our little “d” yearns for expression.

It is best expressed when we allow ourselves to be fully human.

It is a wonderful mystery.

We are fully human when we are fully divine.

We can celebrate and honor both aspects of our nature.

We can let them work together in a dynamic unity.

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