Centering Prayer: The Loving Embrace of God

When we are filled with God’s peace and love, we know everything will be okay.

And yet, during centering prayer, we even let go of God’s love and peace.

They are simply thoughts and feelings that block us from the full power and glory of God that shines upon us and within us in stillness and silence.

When we completely let go, we experience that we are utterly loved by God.

Our whole being is filled with God in Christ.

When God fills us, we experience what we need.

When I say what we need, I mean what God knows is best for us.

We feel and experience these things during our non-centering times of the day too.

For example, this book was a centering-prayer experience.

Everyday, I let go.

I let God fill and show me what He wanted me to place on the book’s pages.

Read more in Sitting with God.


I was honored to write the Foreword for Happiness and Joy: Can a Spiritual Life Have Both? by Nicholas Amato. 

Closer Than Breath is a 6-week, self-paced course that will aid you in starting or deepening a centering prayer practice. It includes about 20 minutes of video content each week, PDF reflection questions, and weekly centering prayer support groups.

My friend Clint Sabom over at Contemplative Light has a new podcast. The Sanity Sessions: Exploring Mental Illness And Maladaptations is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with leading experts in psychology and mental health. Feel free to check it out.

I frequently update my Resource Page. Feel free to peruse.

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