Centering Prayer: God Prays In Us

We enter silence not to pray but to have God pray in us.

We die to self and to who we think we are.

We are not fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends.

We are not our occupations, the daily tasks that we perform, or our accomplishments.

We are not our to-do list.

Nor are we our opinions, our agenda, or the feelings that may include anger, jealously, joy, pride, loneliness, and depression.

We enter silence to empty ourselves of all those things.

We enter silence to rest in the arms of Infinite Love.

We enter silence to trust this Infinite Love.

When we self-empty, we allow the Holy Spirit to fill us.

We let the breath of God breathe within us.

We let God pray within our depths.

God works at such a deep level that we are unaware it happens.

I dare not define what it is that God prays in me.

It is a mystery that is up to God alone.

My job is to self-empty so I can be filled with God.

When we are asked to lose all, to be emptied out, we are filled with the fullness of God in Christ.

Basil Pennington stated, “Lord, I believe that you are truly present in me, at the center of my being, bringing me forth in your love.”

When I enter silence and self-empty, I open to God at the center of my being.

I let God pray in me.

Then I let God bring me forth in infinite love.

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