Clergy Talk Podcast: Interview with Rich Lewis


Enjoy my conversation with Michael on the Clergy Talk Podcast.

“In this episode I had great conversation about centering prayer with Rich Lewis , He is the author of the book called Sitting With God.”


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I encourage you to check out this new book, Seeds of Devotion: Weekly Contemplations on Faith by Roger Butts. I have placed it under the New Books section on my Resource page

CENTERING PRAYER MEDITATIONS | Effortless Contemplation to Deepen Your Experience of God by David Frenette

With clarity and compassionate presence, Frenette explains the essential principles of this contemplative practice for both new and seasoned practitioners, and then guides us experientially through core prayers and meditations including:

Giving God Consent to Act in You • Opening and Recognizing • Simplicity and Awakening • Gentleness and Effortlessness • Letting Go and Letting Be • Resting and Being • Embracing and Being Embraced • Integrating and Emerging

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