Why Do We Practice Centering Prayer?

The contemplative Christian classic The Cloud of Unknowing teaches, “Lift your heart up to the Lord with a gentle stirring of love, desiring him for his own sake and not for his gifts.”

We enter centering prayer with no expectations.

We enter to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, in which we experience God’s presence within.

It is just God and us.

Our whole being, body, mind, and soul, marinates in the Mystery.

It is a prayer of love without ulterior motives.

We pray because we love God.

That is our only motivation.

This means I do not enter centering prayer for the fruits.

During centering prayer I let go of expectations, and by doing so, I create a space for God to move.

I say, “Here I am God. Do with me whatever you want” (Luke 22:42).

When I let go, anything can happen.

God can act within me in whatever way He chooses.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do We Practice Centering Prayer?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom about contemplative prayer. I am a subdeacon in the Maronite Catholic Church. Our tradition is Monastic from StMaron and StCharbel.

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