Are You Real With God?

I believe God does want us to talk to Him.

We need to complain to God when we are not happy and vent when frustrated.

We can tell God when we are scared, ask for healing when our bodies are not healthy, and seek God’s comfort when we are lonely.

It is okay to get angry at God.

In fact, it makes perfect sense at times, given the state of our world.

Being real with God about our feelings is a sign of intimacy.

When it comes to our relationship with God, any and all feelings are acceptable; all were known to Christ.

The real killer of intimacy is not volatile emotions but indifference.

We need to bring our concerns to God for family, friends, members of the community and world.

God wants to listen to us and wants us to get things off our chest.

This is healthy.

Repressed thoughts and worries are unhealthy.

God loves us!

Of course God loves when we feel comfortable enough to approach Him and pour out our hearts like David does in the Psalms.

Prayer can also be when I simply let go and say to God, “I do not know.”

I am okay with that.

I just let it be.

Prayer can be as simple as one word.

Maybe it is a person’s name spoken to God.

Sometimes we make prayer more complicated than necessary.

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