How Do I Know I Am Doing The Will of God?

How do I know I am doing the will of God?

Let me share my process in case it can help you. 

I am a big believer in affirmations. 

I jot down single sentence statements. 

These statements are goals I want to accomplish in these areas:

-Mental health 

-Physical health 

-Spiritual health 





Here is where I bring in my Centering Prayer practice.

I read them before each sit. 

Then let them go to God. 

During Centering Prayer God prays in me the actions I am to take. 

I trust God. 

I then get up from my sit and partner with God on these items. 

Let me also share my barometer of what should stay as an affirmation. 

-It must excite me. 

-It is allowed to be outside of my comfort zone. That is how I grow. 

-I have an inner peace about it. 

-It does not harm me or others. 

As long as it passes my barometer I take action. 

I also tweak my affirmations or remove them if they do not pass my barometer. 

I do this whenever needed. 

Clarity comes with action. 

I only need to know the next step. 

The path will become clear as I keep taking action. 

Centering Prayer is vital to this whole process! 

I constantly connect to my true self during my sits. 

This is a true self journey with no end point.


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