Where Is God?

God is Presence.

God is always present.

It is me who forgets this.

God is in the joy and pain, worry and calm.

God is in the anger and inner peace.

No matter how I feel, He is in it with me.

God’s inner peace is always available.

It is I who need to open to it.

This is where I am right now.

God is Presence.

God is in me and with me.

I am never apart from Him.

That is why centering prayer attracts me.

It is my time to sit with this Presence—what the Quaker Thomas R. Kelly called the “real Presence.”

In other words, this is not wish fulfillment, an exercise of imagination, a human construct, or a fairy tale.

I stand with generations of mystics, including Kelly.

We are witnesses to the “real Presence” of God. I don’t need to pray.

I don’t want to pray.

Those aren’t the words I use anymore.

Instead, I want to be held by the Presence. I want to be loved and healed by the Presence.

I want to take this Presence with me into my non-centering parts of the day.

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