Sitting With God – An Interview with Rich Lewis on Centering Prayer: Made To Thrive Podcast

Enjoy my conversation with Sam over at the Made to Thrive Podcast.

“In all the years I’ve believed in God, I’ve practiced many of the typical spiritual disciplines: reading the Bible, going to church, tithing, and praying (especially when a loved one was sick or I really needed something).

But today’s guest suggests that I’ve missed a very important practice in my faith: sitting.

Rich Lewis, the author of Sitting with God, shares his experience of discovering centering prayer, his gradual formation of the regular practice, and how it has changed his view of God and himself.  If your spiritual practices are feeling a little thin, Rich explains why it might be better to stop striving so hard and just sit for a few minutes.

And of course, Rich answers 5 Big Questions here on Made to Thrive!”


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