How Do I Fall Into My True Self?

I want to be happy, relax, laugh, let loose, express myself.

I want to be confident and feel secure.

I want to express my humanity.

All of these expressions are contained within my true self.

They just need to be freed.

Who is my true self?

My true self is calm, content, and unafraid.

It is filled with life.

It experiences God’s love.

But to become my true self is very difficult and requires ongoing struggle.

According to Richard Rohr, we have to fall into our true self.

I need to fall out of my “self” into my true self.

When I die to self, I awake to my true vocation.

I become the self-God intended me to be.

The core of my true self is a deep knowing that I am beloved and cherished by God.

That who I am and the choices I make matter to God.

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“Since the time of the Desert Fathers in the third and fourth centuries, Christians have practiced meditation as a way of experiencing and responding to God’s presence in their daily lives.”

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James Finley

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