Rich Lewis – How You Connect With God Through Silence: True North Man Podcast

In this episode of True North Man, Paul and Rich discuss contemplative prayer practices, specifically Centering Prayer, the history behind it, how you practice it, and the impact such prayer can have on your lives. As the discussion rolls on, you learn how you can connect with your true self through this silent prayer. Tune in to know more about this simple yet most profound practice that can turn your life around.

Do you have dreams and goals but are afraid to show up and take action on them? Have years passed and you continue to look back and are disappointed? Do you want to obtain the freedom to become your true self, the person you are created to be? Let me help! Reach out to me  to learn more about my one-on-one offerings.

Closer Than Breath is a 6-week meditation course helping you commit to a regular contemplative prayer practice and open to the peace of mind and Divine Presence within.

This self-paced course rooted in the Christian Contemplative Tradition offers an interfaith approach to the meditation method of Centering Prayer.

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