Just a Great Big THANK YOU!

Just a HUGE THANKS to all of you!

Hard to believe my book, Sitting with God, was published over one year ago. (August 2020)

It has been a busy and fun year!

88 Amazon reviews! Thank you!

As you finish Sitting with God, please take a minute to write a couple sentence review on Amazon. This means so much to me!

107 people marked as reading Sitting with God on Goodreads.

55 podcast interviews. (6 and growing upcoming ones.)

If you have a podcast or know someone who does, feel free to invite me to be a guest.

14 week Zoom Book study. That was fun!

8 guest speaking sessions.

If you have a Centering Prayer group, book study group, adult faith formation group or any other group, invite me to guest speak. I love this interaction!

I was asked to write the Foreword of two books that were published in 2021.

I was asked to contribute a chapter on silence to a book that will be published in 1st quarter 2022.

Lastly, I love the random emails I continue to get. I read them all and respond. Some of them result in a zoom call to further connect. Keep them coming!

I look forward to what the future brings as I sit in the silence of Centering Prayer and open to the presence and actions of God within! And then go where God sends me!

Much love and thanks to all of you!


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