Fear Is A Barrier To Our True Self

Brian Zahnd stated, “I observe there really are only two forces that move people: Fear and Love.”

Fear is a barrier to our true self.

It stops me from acting in love.

Fear prevents me from talking to someone I view as different.

Love asks what I can learn from someone different today.

Fear says I do not like change.

Love explores, always seeking new things to experience.

Fear is afraid to act when an injustice is incurred.

Love aids another human being when harmed.

Fear forgets that God is present.

Love knows God is never absent.

Fear divides; love unites.

Fear paralyzes growth; love transforms.

Fear hoards; love shares.

Fear is temporary; love is eternal.

We live, move, and have our being in God —and this God is Love.

Love connects us to our true self.

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