The Deep Healing God Works In Our Souls

In his new book, Centering Prayer: Sitting Quietly in God’s Presence Can Change Your Life, Brian Russell mentions,

“Our true self—the person whom God created us to be—begins to emerge out of our times of communion with God. This is part of the deep healing that God works in our souls.”

We let go of who we are not and become who we are.

We begin to live from this person each day.

This is true freedom and a powerful and wonderful gift from God!

Centering Prayer teaches us how to be present to life.

We learn how to show up and do what the present moment requires of us.

Each time we sit with God we receive Divine Therapy.

We let go of harmful thoughts and emotions, including repressed ones that go back to childhood.

The tension and stress we hold in our bodies is released.

We connect to our true self, the person God wishes us to be!

We sit with God and then get up and partner with God on our true self journey.




Enjoy my newest video: 8 Centering Prayer Tips

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