Say Yes to Life and All It Offers!

During centering prayer I ever so gently let go of all the barriers and obstacles that are between God and me.

I sit naked before God.

I let all of God’s Presence sit with me and shine directly upon me.

I let God do whatever God wants to do within me.

I let God work in me without analysis or evaluation.

Perhaps this means God will fill me with love, healing, wisdom, confidence, insight, or mental or physical strength.

Or perhaps God will simply fill me with more “contemplative eyes.”

By this I mean the ability to be more open, to not be so quick to judge right versus wrong, to let things be.

To hear an opinion different from mine and consider new things.

To simply say “yes” to life and all it offers.

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If you need help removing the barriers to beginning or to your existing centering prayer practice, reach out to me regarding my one-on-one offerings. 

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