What Is The Path of Prayer?

Prayer is an enriching, powerful and exciting journey.

We begin our travel by praying verbally.

We pray for family, friends, others and ourselves.

We complain and or lament.

Sometimes we just tell God about our day.

As we continue on the prayer path, we decide to pick up a book or Scripture.

As we read, we ask God, what is it you wish to teach me in this passage?

How can this help me?

How can I apply this to my life?

What valuable lesson do I need to take from this read today?

And so we continue on our journey on the path of prayer.

We enter the contemplative section of the path.

We sit with God.

No words are required.

It is a silent sit of trust and faith.

We let God act in us at a deeper level, beyond thoughts and emotions.

We let God pray in us.

We rest in the rest of God.

We just be with God.

Little “be” with Big Be”.

We let God nourish and refresh our soul.

Enjoy this wonderful path of prayer.

It is filled with the grace of vocal, meditative and silent prayer.

It is a gift from God.


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