Why Can’t There Be Enough For Everyone?

Because my normal everyday thinking is not nondual, my actions are also not nondual.

I have to struggle to maintain a nondual posture because the world we live in is dualistic.

It is competitive, a world where I must succeed.

I must show what I can do, what I can accomplish.

I must outperform my co-worker if I want that new position.

I must outperform my co-worker if I want a better raise or bonus.

We live in a world where it seems that the mantra is “compete.”

Anger is an outcome of dualistic thinking.

Someone does something different from how I prefer to do it, and that makes me angry and uncomfortable.

I have to remind myself that maybe there are other ways to think and do things.

Why does there have to be a right and wrong way to think about things or do things?

Right and wrong, either/or, win or lose—binary thinking is hard to get away from.

It is heavily scripted into us from childhood, especially in the West.

Is there another way?

Why can’t there be enough for everyone?

Why can’t everyone win?

There is actually no need to compare, compete, divide, judge, split the field.

All that gets so tiring!

We need to move beyond this way of thinking and doing things.

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the Sacred Feminine & the Sacred Masculine

Cynthia Bourgeault, Richard Rohr

Bourgeault and Rohr explore the power of kenosis (letting go) and generosity.

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